Yakama Nation Housing Authority

Request for Board of Commissioner Letters of Interest

CLOSING DATE 12/06/2019

The Yakama Nation Housing Authority (YNHA) is accepting letters of interest from members of the Yakama Nation community to serve on the YNHA Board of Commissioners. The affairs of the YNHA are managed by a five-person Board of Commissioners, with oversight by the Yakama Tribal Council Loan, Extension, Education and Housing Committee (LEEH).   No person is barred from serving as a Board member because he or she is a tenant or homebuyer in a YNHA housing project.

Interested persons should submit a letter of interest explaining why they are interested in becoming a member of the YNHA Board of Commissioners and how they believe they can contribute to the purposes of YNHA.  A resume showing experience and expertise is also encouraged. 

Submit materials by mail or in person to Ted Strong, YNHA Executive Director, 611 South Camas Avenue, P.O. Box 156, Wapato, WA 98951-1499.  For further information please call the Housing office at (509) 877-6171.  All materials must be submitted by no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday December 6, 2019.