A set of policies are principles, rules, and guidelines formulated or adopted by an organization to reach its long-term goals. They are  typically published in a booklet or other form that is widely accessible.  Such policies are usually discussed and adopted by the Board of Commissioners and are design to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them.   YNHA’s policies are an amalgam of Federal Regulations, Tribal Ordinances, and YNHA’s goals and objectives.  Policies ensure consistency and fairness in implementing the Yakama Housing program.

Assistance Animals Policy
Governs the reasonable accommodation of YNHA Residents who have a need for an Assistance Animal.

Conveyance Policy
Governs the Conveyance of Mutual Help Homes to homebuyers.

Cháyanin Wapíita Eligibility Policy
Governs homeless housing Program.

Elder Minor Home Repair Policy
Governs the granting of financial assistance elders and individuals with disabilities to make their homes safe, healthy and accessible.

Eligibility Admissions and Occupancy Policies
Governs administering YNHA’s rental housing, Mutual Help and other programs.

Emergency Housing Assistance Program Policy
Governs the Emergency Housing Assistance Program.

Grievance Policy & Procedures
Establishes the general principles and procedures for disputes brought against YNHA

Homeowner Home Repair
Governs funding of low-income Indian home owners for necessary repairs to their homes for health, Safety, Sustainability and efficiency.

HUD-VASH Program Policy
Governs the Veterans Supportive Housing Program.

Mutual Help Buy-Back Policy
Governs the purchases of former Mutual Help homes.

Mutual Help Sublease Policy
Governs homebuyers sublease of Mutual Help Homeownership Opportunity Program units.

No Trespass Policy
Governs the banning of persons from entering YNHA property.

Pet Policy
Governs keeping Pets in YNHA rental housing.

Relocation Policy & Procedures<